Carry through summertime’s feeling with watermelon in your kitchen every year seems great. You can transform your kitchen with watermelon red to get an energy effect and atmosphere of feeding appetite. An ordinary kitchen will become a bright and welcoming kitchen by adding a few simple watermelon kitchen decorations.

  • Colors of cabinet and wall

Cabinets in lively red colors are suitable with the lively green walls. You can also use bold green cabinets for your bold orange walls. Cabinets in wood color fit in bold orange wall. These two combinations give a sophisticated looks. The colors also offer a sense of light and warm for kitchen.

  • Appliance and floor

Appliances in red, green, black or light grey colors fit in watermelon kitchen decorations. White vinyl or linoleum tiles or wood strips in hue color tiles giving a perfect atmosphere of watermelon kitchen.

  • Accessory

Vivid accessories like utensils, dishes ware, blender or coffee maker with red and green hue colors can really brighten your kitchen. Apron, dish towel and napkin with red and green touch. A few watermelon figures on table or monochromic watermelon picture on the wall can give an effective touch of watermelon theme.

Decorate kitchen with red and green colors create bright kitchen. Make sure to mix with metal or black color to neutralize the watermelon theme. The light grey and black colors can be from your appliance, accessories or accents of watermelon kitchen decorations.

Bedroom should be a resting and relaxing place with personal tastes of you. The easiest way to give a specific personality touch is by using master bedroom pictures. Decorate a room with pictures is not as hard as it seem. You can hang your favorite photos and art works to your bedroom without make it looks too crowded.

The master bedroom pictures for your decorative bedroom can be selected from artworks or you and your partner photos. Choose images that suitable with your bedroom decor or color scheme. For example, choose monochromic, geometric or photos in sepia for modern design. Choose pictures which have a little color and visual interest.

Pictures in modern bedroom can be hanged with or without frame. You can add mat for your pictures if you won’t to use frames. Use mats in same color, size or texture. Those mats will make all the pictures tie together. Even, if you use different arrangements and groupings.

Paint frame shapes on the surface of your wall will give a surprising and inexpensive way to hang pictures. Use a single color of paint then stencil some frames with modern simple lines to create each frame. Stencil will keep the sizes and straight lines. Wrap the pictures with clear glass then place them on the paint frames. Carefully when choosing the paint color, keep the frames simple then combine with the texture and interesting pictures will make it looks whimsy without scarify the modern look.

If you want to use frames for your pictures, you can choose modern frames with simple, elegant and classy design. Modern frames are largely available in metals, steels and woods. Use the frames depend on your bedroom décor. Add frames for your decorative pictures will draw attention to the master bedroom walls.

You can hang master bedroom pictures in groupings. You can also arrange them on top of dressers or night stands. Hang a large picture above your bed and a small grouping of pictures on the wall opposite your bed. Be careful when choosing the frames, you don’t need them in intricate carvings or shiny looks for your modern bedroom.